Dangers of Poor Housekeeping in Your Warehouse or Factory

Housekeeping is essential for a safe and productive warehouse or factory. Poor housekeeping can have grave consequences on the safety of your employees, your operations and the image of your company.

Here are the dangers of bad housekeeping:

1. Slip, trip, and fall hazards

Slip, trip and falls hazards can occur when there is bad housekeeping. Employees or workers can trip over objects, tools, materials, machines and equipment that are not properly kept, stacked and stored in their proper place. Slips can happen when substances, like water, oil, and grease, are left on the floor and haven’t been cleaned up. In many warehouses, falls happen when workers need to stand on make-shift surfaces in order to reach materials that are stored in higher access areas.

2. Laceration hazards

In a warehouse or factory environment, there are many sharp items, like tools, materials, and jagged metal, which can cause laceration injuries. Workers can hurt themselves when passing by heavy or sharp items that are protruding from shelves or when falling items from racking hit them.

3. Strain and sprain hazards

When housekeeping is bad in a manufacturing setting, heavy objects are often not properly put away and just left on the floor. In order to get them out of the way, workers often pick them up in a work area or move them. Sprains and strains can happen because of this unnecessary lifting.

With all these hazards, it is really important to keep things cleaned, organised and properly stored, for safety’s sake. These kinds of injuries can be prevented if we all take time to evaluate our work areas and focus on proper cleaning and maintenance.

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams can handle deep cleaning services, achieved to a benchmark standard. We are fully trained in the use of specialised industrial floor cleaning equipment, from sweeping and scrubbing to power washing. We even use manual hand cleaning where required and use our own range of environmentally friendly enzyme cleaning products wherever possible.

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