Food, Manufacturing Unit and Factory Cleans

ood Preparation, Storage and Food Transport Vehicles

Food storage and food factory cleaning requires a high level of hygiene expertise in order to meet stringent health & safety standards. We use our extensive industrial cleaning knowledge for food factory cleans, food storage (chilled and ambient temperature) warehouse cleaning, depot deep cleaning and food transport vehicles.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Envirobridge factory clean teams are all height access equipment trained and qualified and fully insured too, making us the ideal choice for high-level factory cleaning. We have the expertise to ensure your factory clean is done to the highest safety and legal standards.

Envirobridge strive to use environmentally responsible products for factory cleans wherever possible as part of our ongoing mission to help our clients create cleaner, greener, healthier environments.

We will clean machinery and fixtures, walls, floors and ceilings; indeed anywhere that needs a deep and lasting professional clean. We will work over machinery and access equipment high in the roof spaces or on the factory floor.

We can work whilst your factory works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or during shutdown periods. We work to tight deadlines to ensure we cause the least possible disturbance to your factory production and get your factory clean done on time.

We clean all sorts of floor areas by sweeping and power washing. We wash down ceilings and walls, (both the exterior and interiors of the building), guttering, brickwork and windows. We will work on individual manufacturing and storage units to complete industrial estates.

Our cleaning teams are trained in the use of specialist factory clean equipment such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts and scaffolding towers, scrubber driers, rotary buffers, steam cleaners and pressure washers.

We’ll do all we can to help your factory become more productive, keep your costs down and eliminate the worry of factory hygiene.