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Beat the heat: Kickstart your summer warehouse preparations

From air conditioning services to cold storage equipment, our top tips will ensure your warehouse can stay cool and productive this summer.  So that you can be prepared for another sweltering summer! If not, it’s time to prepare.

1. Switch off nonessential tech

A simple yet practical way to keep your warehouse cool is to turn off machinery and electronics that aren’t in use. All tech, both small and large, will emit some form of heat. So, by switching off your computers or your conveyor belts, you can help keep the warehouse cool whilst also saving on those energy bills. In addition, regular inspection of machinery will help ensure that the machine isn’t being overworked and that the cooling system is operating as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.


2. Utilise dehumidifiers

High humidity levels on a hot day can often make it feel 10x hotter. So, a clever way to help stave away that sticky sweaty feeling is to place dehumidifiers throughout the facility. By removing the moisture from the air they can have a cooling effect. And, when used in conjunction with air conditioning services they can improve your warehouse’s cost efficiency. In addition, if your facility stores or manufactures food and fresh produce, dehumidifiers can help ensure you meet health and safety guidelines. Bacteria revels in hot, humid environments, so by installing dehumidifiers you can limit the growth of bacteria. This will safeguard the quality of your stock and prevent any loss of inventory.


3. Air conditioning services

A crucial stage of preparing for summer is to have your air conditioning serviced. Air conditioning is essential if your facility handles food that needs to be kept cool. By keeping your factory or warehouse cool you can maintain food safety regulations and avert any loss of stock. And, now with improved technology, many AC systems are able to run without huge expense. 

For more information regarding air conditioning services contact Envirobridge. With years of experience we can ensure your air conditioning system is running at full capacity and provide you with a full report on its overall efficiency after cleaning.


4. Insulation & Air Flow

 Keeping warehouses and factories cool is a challenge as there’s a lot more space for hot air to come in and cool air to escape. However, by insulating your facility you can improve your cost efficiency and beat the heat. Insulation will help prevent the loss of the cool conditioned air in summer, and maintain a constant temperature more easily. 

Once your facility is fully insulated, you can then start to examine air flow. Larger facilities often lack airflow, which can in turn negatively affect the temperature of the building. Having insulation and air conditioning services will help keep your warehouse cool, but if they aren’t providing the desired results it could be down to air flow. By installing ceiling fans you can better manage the airflow of your facility and improve the effect of your air conditioning, without spending a fortune on more air conditioning units. However, it is important to note that the higher your ceiling the less effective fans will be.


5. Cold Storage Equipment

 If your facility deals with fresh produce it is vital that you maintain and update cold storage equipment regularly. And, with another hot summer in store, what better time to assess your cold storage equipment? Industrial freezers, backup generators and temperature alarms are all essential assets to your business. 

Before summer it is advised that you clean and clear your freezer’s vents to improve air circulation. This will help prevent any build up of ice and ensure it’s running at full capacity. And, in order to be made aware of any sudden change of temperature you can install alarms for cold storage units. This way you can be prepared with back-up generators if need be and ensure there’s no damage or loss of stock.


6. Examine your warehouse supplies

 Air conditioning services, cold storage equipment and dehumidifiers are all high-level equipment needed to prepare your warehouse for summer. However, it is also important to measure the durability of smaller warehouse supplies, i.e. labels. Not all labels are able to withstand changing temperatures and, as a result, information can become distorted, cracked and illegible. It is essential that you are able to list and catalogue the comings and goings of your stock. So, we suggest that you invest in hardy labels such as thermal transfer labels or thick polypropylene plastic sheets that can coat the original label. 


More information for envirobridge’s air conditioning services:

Envirobridge specialist air conditioning services are equipped with all the latest equipment, products, training, insurance and health & safety know-how, so you can relax and enjoy the summer sun.  If you are interested in Envirobridge’s air conditioning services, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. In addition, we offer high-level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning and comprehensive industrial floor cleaning.

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