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Regular deep cleaning has always been important to the function of any warehouse. However, with the ongoing pandemic hygiene standards have increased, so, as an employer, it is important that you increase your hygiene and safety measures so as to comply with new guidelines. We will outline a few standard safety practices that will help you to increase your safety and hygiene standards alongside regular contract cleaning.


1. Adapt your site to implement new cleaning processes

 As guidelines change and evolve so should your risk assessments. For this reason your first step should be to conduct a risk assessment. Ask yourself the following questions:  

  • What areas are regularly used by employees? 
  • Are touch points being regularly sanitised? 
  • Do our employees know the correct sanitation procedures? 

 By asking yourself and your employees these questions, you can better assess which areas of your site need to undertake new cleaning processes. You can also begin to evaluate how your company would benefit with contract cleaning.

 From experience, we know that questions such as these will no doubt highlight how frequently warehouse equipment and machinery are used. As such, we suggest you set up cleaning stations throughout your warehouse where employees can sanitise the machinery’s touch points as per the government proviso. 

 We also advise that staff should be educated on effective cleaning practices to help ensure safety standards are met. For example, which cleaning products to use and their necessary contact times. If you are unsure there is plenty of advice here. However, our preferred sanitation product is D10 which has a contact time of 5 minutes. Often used within the food industry, it is a multi-surface concentrated cleaner that disinfects potentially dangerous bacteria.


2. Increase regular cleaning of equipment and machinery

 If you’ve set up easily accessible cleaning stations, the next question to ask is how often should you use it? The answer is simple – as frequently as possible – and especially after each employee’s use of the machinery. To help keep a track of cleaning we suggest you create an hourly cleaning rota. This way employees will remember to clean the necessary touch points every hour, noting down where and when they have cleaned to ensure hygiene standards are met. 

As a result of Covid-19 it has become standard practice to stagger shift patterns. As such employees should sanitise touch points after use in addition to the hourly clean. This will hopefully mitigate the possibility of harmful bacteria transferring between teams. On top of this, a significant and sensible change you can make is contract cleaning. By ensuring machinery and equipment receives a deep clean every so often, you can further minimise the risk of harmful transmission. 


3. Focus on areas that need increased cleaning

 We have mentioned the need for frequent cleaning of touch points throughout this blog, but what exactly are touch points? The answer is fairly obvious – anything you regularly touch. Nevertheless, it is important to outline these touch points as areas can often be missed. So areas to look out for are: 

  • Grab handles
  • Levers
  • Touch screens
  • Arm rests
  • Seat belts and buckles
  • Steering wheel
  • Work panels and dashboards
  • Seat adjusters
  • USB chargers
  • ALL buttons, knobs or dials (even if you don’t think they are used regularly)

Moreover, if you work within a food production facility it is ESSENTIAL that you ensure touch points, specifically within freezers, are cleaned. Alarmingly, covid cases have been traced back to frozen food packaging. This doesn’t mean you should halt any of your every-day practices, but it does mean you have to enhance your cleaning procedures. Assess all of your racking, picking and packing areas and judge where and how you can improve hygiene. 

Or better yet, to help ensure you meet all safety and hygiene standards, hire contract cleaners. With experience within the food industry, Envirobridge can regularly deep clean your facility to an exceptional standard. Guaranteeing that you are not only left with a sparklingly clean workspace, but that you have the know-how to maintain the high-standard of cleanliness until Envirobridge’s next visit. 

 If you are interested in Envirobridge’s specialist contract cleaning teams, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Whether it is high-level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or comprehensive machinery cleaning and maintenance. We aim to work with you to make sure that your facility is safe for both employees and customers.

Got a question about cleaning that you need answering? Contact us using our contact form or on 01295 780444 and we’ll do all we can to help you.


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