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Tightening your belt to weather the pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t afford an industrial cleaning service. In fact, our specialised services can actually mitigate unexpected costs and improve productivity, thereby increasing revenue. To help make life simple we’ve outlined a few costs and rewards below, so you can evaluate (and hopefully experience!) the benefits of our industrial cleaning service. 

The Costs of Industrial Cleaning

Envirobridge specialise in tailor-made cleaning packages that are unique to your business’s needs. For this reason, the fee is dependent on the job at hand. But there are a few determining factors that help us assess the overall cost, including: 

  • Square footage
  • Number/size of windows
  • Specialised equipment needed
  • Frequency
  • Your operational needs, i.e. out of working hours etc.

We are happy to give you a quote for free, so that you are able to run through the exact costs and get an idea of the value for money we offer. There are no hidden costs, the price we quote includes specialised labour, PPE, cleaning products and on-site costs. And if that hasn’t quite won you over, here are the rewards of a professional, industrial clean…

The Rewards of Industrial Clean 

Save Business Costs

An unclean HVAC and air handling unit system could be racking up your business’s energy costs. Dirty evaporator and condenser coils force compressors to work harder and longer than necessary with less efficacy. But by cleaning and maintaining your HVAC and AHU systems, you can reduce their energy consumption by up to 15%. In addition, the lack of proper upkeep could result in a dramatically reduced life span and lead to unexpected repair costs. Moreover, we bring all our own specialised equipment so we can reach those high, difficult areas and save your company from expensive upfront costs. 

Happy & Healthy Staff

Amid the current pandemic it is important to note that a dirty evaporator can spread bacteria and viruses. For the health of your staff it is imperative that you have your AHU systems regularly cleaned. But in addition to this, there are every-day areas of your work environment that are often left unchecked and uncleaned. These areas could also harbour dangerous bacteria, which could affect the health of your staff, leading to more sick days and a drop in productivity. Equally, when employees notice their company looking after their health and safety, their job satisfaction and productivity increases. 


Improve Company Image

By safeguarding your workforce against health risks your company’s image is automatically enhanced for the better. But by showcasing a clean, presentable facility your business projects a professional and efficient image. Imagine this: your top customer arrives at your facility to see dirty floors, dark and dusty walls and a ceiling full of cobwebs. Then imagine your top customer arrives to see walls, floors and ceilings sparkling clean, along with a happy, productive staff. Which one is going to create a better impression? 

If you are eager to see the rewards for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams can handle deep cleaning services, achieved to a benchmark standard. Whether it is high level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or comprehensive industrial floor cleaning, in occupied areas or empty areas, we aim to work with you to make sure that the end cleaning product presents a sparkling clean professional image to your public and customers.

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