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Warehouses require regular deep cleaning, including hard-to-reach and high level cleaning. But areas such as upper-racks, ceilings, windows and HVAC systems are notoriously difficult to clean, which means they are often overlooked. However, you need not fear cleaning those high level and hard to reach places any longer. Our simple yet effective cleaning methods will give you the help you need to tackle those areas!

Cleaning ceilings

We are starting from the top and working our way down – and so should you! By cleaning top to bottom, the fallen dislodged dirt from the ceiling won’t mucky a newly cleaned floor. Instead, any displaced dirt can be cleared up when you clean your floor. However, to save yourself time and energy, we do suggest that you invest in a vacuum rather than brushing away debris. The vacuum will minimise the amount of dust and dirt that floats through your facility, not only saving you time and effort when cleaning, but reducing potential hazards. 

  1. First, evaluate your lighting. You want to be certain that you can see every dusty aspect, so that you don’t miss any of the mess!
  2. Clear your surrounding area and ensure materials and machinery are protected by a plastic sheet. 
  3. Vacuum most of the dirt and debris, using an extension wand if necessary (it is important you do not overreach!)
  4. Then, whilst on a ladder or lift, use typical dusting equipment (microfibre dusters tend to work best) to clean track lighting, vents, pipes etc.
  5. Then clean those same areas with another, clean microfibre cloth. 
  6. You must also focus on the walls and upper rafters, as these areas will also accumulate dust and dirt.

Once your ceiling is fully cleaned you can then remove the plastic sheeting. Be careful not to dispel all the gathered dust within the facility. And finally, clean the floor, ensuring all of the fallen dirt, dust and debris is gathered and discarded.

This quick guide will help make high level cleaning simple! However, if your ceiling is particularly dirty, awkward to clean, or you simply don’t have the equipment or time, Envirobridge is happy to help. With years of experience, top-of-the-line equipment and being risk assured, Envirobridge can tackle any clean.

Cleaning high LEVEL windows

In order to clean windows you can’t reach, you have the limited options of investing in ladders, lifts, specialised equipment or contacting professional cleaners. Nowadays, the high standard of health and safety warehouses need to abide by means that ladders are largely frowned upon. Instead, we advise that you invest in a lift or a regular cleaning company such as Envirobridge. However, if you have high level cleaning equipment handy, you can follow this process:

  1. Again, evaluate your lighting – ensure you can clearly see any smears or dirt that need clearing. 
  2. Clear and section off the area below the window, as the area can become slippery and dangerous. It is also advisable that you clear electronic materials from this area.
  3. Using a telescopic water fed pole, either an elongated one from ground level or a short one from a lift, clean the windows. There are multiple window cleaning products you can use to help clear smears, such as this.
  4. Once you have finished, you can leave them to air dry, or for a better effect, use a microfiber mop to dry them.
  5. Continue this same process for all the windows throughout your facility, ensuring each section is barred from employee use whilst you are cleaning. 

Hopefully, these simple steps will help you keep your facility’s windows clear and clean. However, as such equipment can be extremely costly it may be worthwhile contacting an industrial cleaning company that has such equipment readily available. Envirobridge specialise in all industrial cleaning, and with a wealth of experience they can save you both time and money.

Cleaning HVAC Duct Systems

Cleaning air ducts and vents is an essential yet weary task, especially if you have a large facility that uses multiple HVAC systems. But, with Spring on its way it’s time to clear out the dust, dirt, dander, and bug fragments. 

  1. Extract screws from air duct covers and return grill plates. 
  2. Cover up your supply vents, this will prevent any of the dislodged dirt from blowing through the vents. 
  3. Change your thermostat to ‘fan on’ setting, ensuring that the heat/cooling mode is switched off. This will help loosen the dust and debris whilst you clean. 
  4. Now, loosen the dust in the ductwork. Please make sure that you or your employee is wearing protection, i.e. goggles, mask and gloves. You can use brushes to help loosen clumps that have built-up over time. 
  5. Clean out return registers. Again, use a brush to delve as far as you can into the register cavity. 
  6. Shut off both your fan and furnace. Then clean out the blower compartment before returning the air boot. This is where the majority of dust and debris will be found. Using a vacuum, remove all the dust and use the brush to help free up any clumps. Whilst here, also clean the furnace fan.
  7. Lastly, replace your furnace filter. You should be replacing a furnace filter once a month in order to save on energy costs and to improve the air quality in your workplace. 

It is important that you carefully clean and maintain your air-handling systems, as it can have an impact on both your employees health and your energy bill! If you are unsure whether your HVAC systems are operating at max capacity, why not call Envirobridge? Not only will we clean and service your air-handling systems, but we will provide a report on their efficiency. 

And there you have it! A quick and simple guide to cleaning those high level, awkward areas in your facility.


If you are interested in Envirobridge’s specialist cleaning teams, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Whether it is high level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or comprehensive industrial floor cleaning, in occupied areas or empty areas, we aim to work with you to make sure that the end cleaning product presents a sparkling clean professional image to your public and customers.

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