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Rubber flooring is one of the most long-lasting and low maintenance types of flooring. It a popular choice of floor covering in many businesses or places with heavy footfall because it is resistant to impact, mould and mildew, and it doesn’t absorb dirt or debris.

However, even if rubber flooring is durable and requires less maintenance, it is still important to maintain the material to keep it in good condition. If you are using rubber flooring in your business or warehouse, these care tips will keep it looking new and preserve its quality for many years to come.

Cleaning your rubber flooring for the very first time

If your rubber floor is newly installed, take extra care the first time you clean it. If you have the click-together or static-weight type of rubber matting, you can clean it right away. However, if your rubber flooring is installed in place by an adhesive, you must wait at least 72 hours to ensure that the glue has set.

Invest in dust control mats

Dust control mats are made of specialised fibres that will pick up and hold on to particles, such as dirt, dust and debris. You can place these mats in locations where people usually spend time standing around or in front of points of entry, such as the reception area or the foot of a staircase. These mats can be cleaned by washing or vacuuming.

Get rid of debris before cleaning

Before you start cleaning your rubber flooring, remember to remove any loose debris by sweeping or vacuuming. This is an important step because any debris or particles that have deposited can damage the finish of your rubber floors.

Light cleaning on a daily or weekly basis

Use a soft mop with water and a mild PH neutral detergent to damp mop the rubber floors. Do this on a daily basis if your work area has high amount of foot traffic.

Deep clean periodically

On top of your daily or weekly cleaning schedule, be sure to conduct a deep clean periodically to keep your rubber floor looking best.

For best results, contact a professional cleaner with the right equipment and expertise to do a great job safely. Alternatively, use a floor cleaning machine to clean a large space. Remember to use a light floor cleaning brush with your machine to prevent scratching the rubber surface. Put water with mild PH neutral detergent in your machine and apply it to the rubber surface completely. Leave the solution for 10 minutes, then go back over the surface again to rinse with clean water. Change your water frequently and remove excess water from the surface to help them dry quickly.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

The mixture of water and a mild PH neutral detergent is enough to clean and maintain a rubber floor. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products, solvents or acids as they can damage the surface.

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams can handle deep cleaning services, achieved to a benchmark standard. We are fully trained in the use of specialised industrial floor cleaning equipment, from sweeping and scrubbing to power washing. We even use manual hand cleaning where required and use our own range of environmentally friendly enzyme cleaning products wherever possible.

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